Camps & Activities

1EN Scout Troop usually do a camp every term. Arrangements are slightly different from Cubs.

    • Scouts meet at HQ before EVERY camp to load the equipment onto the van.

    • Troop Camps are set up in Patrols : This means that each Patrol has it's own Tent which they set up themselves, they prepare and cook meals for themselves, (yes they cook on camp fires or gas burners depending on the weather and site - DON'T PANIC - the Leaders keep an eye on them, and the older more experienced scouts do the actual cooking.) Girls sleep in a tent together, but spend the day in their Patrol Group.

    • Scouts travel to and from camp in their Patrols in transport organised by the Patrol Leaders (PLs) : The PLs will organise for parents to drop off or collect from Camp. (If you know you can't act as driver for any particular camp, make sure your child KNOWS and warns the PL in advance). Parents are expected to take turns as transport drivers. If you don't drive, don't worry, you can always help unload the van at the end of camp, and help the section in other ways

    • Totem Camp is a Ealing & Hanwell District Competition Camp.