Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The Scout Association will now only allow adults with the appropriate Scout DBS Certificate to attend/help overnight at camps.

The Scout Association will not accept DBS Certificates issued for roles in other organisations (although you may be able to use the Scouts DBS

Certificate elsewhere).

When your child first joins our Group, you may be asked to complete a DBS Application, particularly if you intend to assist the Group. Please note that the Scout Association covers the cost of the DBS checks.

The Application Procedure is relatively straight forward:

Step 1

Once you have decided to assist the Group, in any capacity, please let your Section leader know and they will arrange for a form to be sent to you.

Step 2

Fill in a Adult Information Form.

The information on this is entered into the Scout "Compass" System, which then allows the Scout Association to apply for a DBS check.

AND Fill in an Identity Checking Form

To confirm your identity, we need your NI number and to see the originals of your Identity Documents.

There is a full list of documents that can be used in the Identity Checking Form, but typically the following are enough

1) A valid Passport (any nationality),

2) UK Driving Licence (photocard)

3) A utility bill from the last 3 months OR

Council Tax Form from the last 12 months

If you do not have all the above, then we will ask for other documents, usually one or more from the following list

  • UK Birth Certificate (issued within 12 months of the date of birth – full or short form acceptable)¸

  • Marriage Certificate,

  • P45 or P60 or

  • NHS card

Contact the Group DBS Officers by email to dbs@1enscouts.org, to arrange an ID Check Session. This session will take place at the Group HQ.

You will need to bring your completed Adult Information Form and Original documents to the ID Check Session. The Group DBS Officer will check the original identity documents in the applicant's presence, and return these immediately.

Step 2

The ID Document details are entered on to the DBS Atlantic Data System, and a DBS Application is created.

Step 3

You receive an email from dbs@thescouts.disclosures.co.uk asking you to Log in to the DBS System (using link, user name and password they will

provide) to complete the ID Check. (This takes about 10 minutes to complete), You will have to

1) Confirm the ID Information entered,

2) Enter your National Insurance Number,

3) Enter your address details for the last 5 years (including dates),

4) Any name changes since birth (including dates)

Note: You will need to have the Documents you used for the ID Check, so that you can answer the Security Questions.

This completes the Application BUT you will not have a valid DBS until the Certificate is issued. and posted to your home address (and the Scout Association is informed at the same time)