Our Group Charity Information

Charity Number

1st Ealing North Scout Group  is registered as a charity in England and Wales No. 286390

The Charity Commission

You can find details of our Group finances and our annual report on the The Charity Commission website.

The Scout Association

We are part of The Scout Association (www.scouts.org.uk), which is the largest mixed youth organisation in the UK.  Please review our groups page on the Scouts website 

County and District

Our Scout Group is part of Ealing and Hanwell Scout District and Greater London Middlesex West Scout County

Our Address (as per the Charity Commission)

1st Ealing North Scout Group

32 Birkdale Road


W5 1JZ

Headquarters address

Montpelier Park

Key Contacts

Board of Trustees

Chair - Rodney Fletcher (chair@1enscouts.org)

Treasurer - David Reay (treasurer@1enscouts.org)

Secretary -  Neha Choudhry (GroupSecretary@1enscouts.org)


Group Scout Leader - Lior Duby, Tim Gebbels

Scout Leader - Francis Curran and Andrew Jeffs 

Cub Scout Leaders - Neil Gosrani and Lior Duby

Beaver Scout Leader - Martin Elliott

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