The Group Executive Committee

Executive committees are an important part of Scouting - but are often overlooked.

1st Ealing North Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers.

You need an Executive Committee to be an official Scout Group and also to maintain our Charity status.

Our Group’s Executive is made up of the Group Scout Leader, Uniformed Section Leaders and Parent Representatives for each section.

An important point to note is that the Group Executive is not only concerned with the administration of the Group, but how the Group is regarded in public and ensuring there are sufficient Leaders to run the sections and that the adults are supported in their roles.

The Scout Association defines the role of the Executive committee.

The Executive Committee plays an important role in the smooth running of the Scout Group and our main purposes are as follows:-

Sub committees

1st Ealing North have a number of sub committees which deal with specific issues:

  • Building Maintenance

  • Fundraising

  • Technology

  • Second Hand Uniforms

  • DBS

  • Lease Negotiation

How do you join the Executive?

ANY parent or carer can join the Executive Committee.

In addition to Ordinary Parent Members, there are 3 "Executive" Posts - Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (usually held by parents). Members are nominated and seconded at the Annual General Meeting (held every September).

Our Committee often has people who stay long after their children have grown up and moved on from 1st Ealing North. If you want to know more about joining the Executive Committee, speak to one of the existing members, or using the contact us form.