Welcome to the Parents Page for the Scout Troop

If your child has just joined (or is about to move up to) the Troop - we hope the information here will make the transition to being a Scout Parent easier for you! The Scout Troop do quite a number of things differently to Cubs and Beavers. The Troop Leaders encourage Scouts to be responsible and independent - which is great if your child remembers to give you the necessary information! If a Leader or other Parent uses terms you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask. You will be given a welcome letter when your child joins the Troop, but below are a few important things to remember, and some additional explanations/tips.

Meetings are held 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Fridays.

The Troop meets throughout the year, including all Half Terms, breaking for only Christmas, Good Friday, and Summer Holidays .

The Troop is split into Patrols - Eagles, Hawks, Kestrels, Ravens

Scouts should

    • arrive by 7.25 to help set up for the meeting

    • attend every meeting - if your child is not unable to attend a meeting, they must contact their Patrol Leader (PL), who will in turn then inform the Scout Leader on arrival at the meeting. (If a member of the troop misses 3 consecutive meetings without informing their PL, they are assumed to have left the Troop) (Tip for New Parents - ask your child which Patrol they are in as soon as their first meeting ends).

    • attend the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Ealing Broadway

    • attend the District St George's Day Parade in April to renew their Scout Promise (usually Hanwell Area)

    • attend the Group Annual General Meeting in Sepember and take part in the Scout Display


The Scout Troop Leaders DO NOT use e-mail to update members about activities. All instructions are given by letters handed out at Section Meetings. (You will get some emails from the Group Executive for information applicable to the whole Group, but nothing specific to the Scout Troop).

A Troop Members Contact List is given to all scouts at the beginning of each term. This is re-issued fairly regularly when members leave/join. (Tip for New Parents : Make a scanned copy if you can, and save on your computer - this list ALWAYS disappear just when you need it most!)

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the Scout Troop, you should contact a Scout Leader by phone, or speak with them in person at the end of a meeting. (They don't do email)


    • Invested scouts must arrive at meetings in full correct, smart uniform, including black polished shoes, belt and record book

    • A pair of trainers should be taken to all meetings for activities

    • Cub uniform, including the Group Scarf, can be worn until investiture

    • New Group members are not expected to buy the uniform for the first few weeks (just in case the children decide scouting not for them)

    • Uniform can be purchased locally from Class Design in Hanwell, Juniper in Pittshanger Lane, or Kevin's in Greenford. (Be warned stocks run low in late March/April, and October, when lots of local Groups invest new members before the St George's Day and Remembrance Sunday Parades). You can also order on line from Scout Shop

  • Uninvested members wear the Scout Shirt, Trousers, Belt (and buckle) but not the Group Scarf

Investitures & Badges

    • New members will NOT be invested until they have taken part in either a Scout Hike or Camp.

    • Parents are informed when a child is to be invested, and you are invited to attend. The Scout is presented with the Group Scarf, Leather Woggle, Group Badges and Record Book. See the link below for a diagram of how the badges should be positioned on the shirt. (They can't be invested unless they have the uniform)

    • Staged Activity Badges earned as a Cub, should be transferred to the Scout shirt (eg: Nights Away, Hikes, Swimming, Music etc). These badges are replaced, as higher levels are earnt, so that there is only one badge per activity.


A Troop Diary Dates Sheet is issued in September which shows all the scheduled events for the year, including Day & Night Hikes, Camps, Parades, and District Activities. This is re-issued during the year if there are any amendments. (Tip for New Parents : If you have not been given this by the 2nd/3rd week - ask the Leaders for a copy. Most of the Troop Activities Dates should be on the Group Diary update emails but these won't have all the pertinent details).

Use of Penknives on Camp

Scouts can only take penknives to Camp, once they have been given permission to do so by the leaders. They have to have taken part in the "Knife & Axe" training session during a Camp or meeting first. Penknives should have a lanyard on them. This is partly so that they can be more easily identified (most penknives look the same), but also so that they can be secured to waistbands and don't fall out of pockets. A strong piece of string or similar is ok as a start. The scouts often make lanyards during camp by plaiting pieces of string.

Camping Equipment

Many items of equipment can actually be bought in the various £1 shops and budget stores. There is no point in buying expensive items (at least for the first few camps). Scouts we notice, have a great capacity for losing things without realising it, or not recognising their own belongings. The following items are widely available at non specialist camping shops. (Tip: Don't send anything to camp that you really want or need to be brought back!!!)

Groundsheets - each Scout must have one to put beneath their sleeping bag/mat as Scout Tents do not have material floors (as the cub tents do). These only need to be as big as the sleeping mat. Also, you may need to wipe these down or hang them out to dry after a particularly muddy camp. The bigger they are, the harder that is.

Metal/Enamel Cups & Plates - If possible mark them so that they are identifiable as belonging to your scout.

Cutlery - Again, not really necessary to get a set of camping cutlery, they all look the same and are frequently lost. Send some old cutlery you have, or buy something cheap and identifiable.

Tea Towels - Definitely only send one that you are happy to bin afterwards.

Metal Water Bottles - Bottles do need to be metal, and it is also useful to be able to attach these to the outside backpacks so they don't get lost, but are easily accessible.

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